Capital One has recently experienced a cyber security incident. If you have been affected by this incident, Capital One has arranged for a 2-year (24-month) subscription to myTrueIdentity, an online credit monitoring and identity protection solution, at no cost to you. If you were impacted, you will receive an email or letter with an activation code and instructions on how to enroll in this service.

myTrueIdentity will allow you to monitor your TransUnion credit report and receive alerts about any key changes. This will help you identify any potentially fraudulent activity on your credit report. Please note that you must have the activation code available in order to enroll in this service.

Cyber Incident‑Related Questions Specific to Capital One
While TransUnion is working with Capital One to provide protection to consumers like you, we don’t have any information about the incident. Please visit the information page on Capital One’s website or call and speak to a Capital One representative at 1-833-727-1234.