High Risk Fraud Alert

Helping to protect your business and your customers requires taking the right measures at the right time.

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Identify potential fraud and take timely, appropriate action

Be alerted to fraud before an account is opened by checking against a national database that indicates potentially fraudulent information. With High Risk Fraud Alert, you are informed of customers who may present an elevated risk of fraudulent behaviour. Alerts can be delivered in one of three ways: online with a TransUnion Credit Report, online independently of a credit report or offline in a batch file. High Risk Fraud Alert helps reduce losses, save on operational cost and improve profitability.

TransUnion offers industry-leading fraud solutions to inform you of customers who may pose an elevated risk of fraudulent behaviour. This helps you better pinpoint risk in order to make the right decisions at the right time. Elevate your fraud and risk detection to help you identify more preventable losses.

Product Highlights
  • Screen applicants against a national file of potentially fraudulent information

  • Comprehensive set of alerts

  • Continue monitoring for up to 90 days with Enhanced High Risk Fraud Alert

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