Data Breach Services

With Data Breach Services from TransUnion, respond to a consumer data breach quickly, confidently and effectively

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Ease the impact a breach can have on your organization; be ready for an incident before it occurs

Identify theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada. The impact on businesses and their customers can be massive and wide-reaching. When a data breach occurs, businesses like yours face reputational, legal and financial risks. To minimize these risks, we can help you act quickly to report the incident, inform affected consumers and put safeguards in place to help prevent losses.

Protect your business, your brand and your customers with a powerful set of consumer-friendly solutions, combined with the guidance and support of TransUnion’s Fraud Victim Assistance Department. Help your customers understand what happened, alert them to possible consequences and provide the protections they will appreciate from your business.

Our effective product options demonstrate a commitment to customer security while promoting your business’s well-being

With a more comprehensive suite of capabilities, you can reduce risks and take additional action to improve your customers' confidence. Our services can help you determine more effective strategies:

Credit Monitoring

Provide consumers with a credit report and notifications to help them identify any key changes in their credit history and uncover suspicious activity that may be signs of identity theft. Trained associates are ready to assist in cases of identity theft.

Subscribers typically offer their customers one-time access to credit reports and one year of monitoring. Alternatively, we can customize the program for your organization, such as offering unlimited access to credit reports and alerts for any period from three months to two years or more.

Compromise Warning Flag

A warning flag is placed on each consumer's credit report to help your organization and your consumers reduce additional risks. This flag quickly identifies consumers affected by a data compromise to help prevent unauthorized use of their sensitive personal information.

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